Translating WP Admin Pages PRO

WP Admin Pages PRO’s code is developed in English, but the plugin ships with the necessary files (.pot) to allow you to easily translate them to your native language.

In this article, we will cover how you can translate your copy of WP Admin Pages PRO for yourself, and how you can help the community by sharing your translations!

Translating WP Admin Pages PRO online

WP Admin Pages PRO offers an online tool to allow you to translate it while collaborating with other translators at the same time. This platform is hosted at, and it is shared by all the other products by NextPress.

Creating an Account on

To be able to translate WP Admin Pages PRO you’ll need an account on the translation platform. To create a new account, simply click on the Register link at the top-right corner of the page.

Click the Register Link

After that, fill the registration form and you’ll be ready to go!

Using the Platform

After creating your account, you’ll be redirected to the translation platform. Our platform uses Glotpress, the same plugin WordPress uses to translate the plugins on the official plugin repository.

Once logged in, you’ll see a list of the active projects on the platform:

Click the Admin Page Creator project to see the available languages and the progress on each of them.

Help keep translations up to date!

In this example, let’s suppose we want to help complete the Dutch translation, which stands at 66% completion. Clicking that language will take you to the actual translation interface.

Note: If your desired language does not appear on that panel, please contact us on support (at) requesting the inclusion of that language. In the meanwhile, check the “Translate WP Admin Pages PRO locally” sections below to start working on your translation right away.

You can them click on the Untranslated link to see all the strings left to be translated and start working on your translation.

Select the Untranslated Strings

Note: Your translations will be added as suggestions at first, but our team will be checking them periodically in order to make them acceptable. If you wish to become a validator (a person that checks other people’s translations and can enter their own translations without validation) contact us on support (at) with that request.

Translating WP Admin Pages PRO locally

If you are in a hurry to translate WP Admin Pages PRO for your own project right now and can’t wait for the approval process on the online platform, there are other options available:

Use Poedit to translate the .pot file

You can download and use a desktop application called Poedit, which allows you to import .pot files and translate them directly on their interface. In the end, Poedit will generate a .po and .mo file, which you’ll need to place inside the lang folder inside wp-admin-pages-pro (wp-content/plugins/wp-admin-pages-pro/lang). The .pot file is also contained inside the lang folder.

More on Poedit: The fastest and most convenient way to translate interfaces — Poedit

Using Loco Translate to translate WP Admin Pages PRO

If you don’t want to have the hassle to install a desktop application and copying and pasting files to your server, you can translate WP Admin Pages PRO directly from the admin panel using another WordPress plugin called Loco Translate.

Loco optimizes the entire workflow, adding a translation screen inside your WP Admin. There you can create a new translation set and Loco will compile the .po and .mo files for you.

More on Loco Translate:

Contributing your local translations

If you end up using any of the two local methods of translation mentioned above, please consider sharing that work with the rest of the community! WP Admin Pages PRO is being used all around the world and chances are there’s someone that speaks the same language as you in need of that translation!

If you want to contribute your translation, send an email with the .po to support (at)

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