Hiding WP Admin Pages PRO from your users

Protecting the content and pages you have created is easy with Admin Pages PRO!

After finishing editing the pages you wish, just go to Admin Pages PRO main menu and click the Screen Options button.

Uncheck the box Display the “Admin Pages” menu item? and save the new visibility of the menu.

This way, your end clients won’t be able to change or delete any of your Admin Pages or page builders’ templates, and your work is safe. =)

No Admin Pages PRO menu on the sidebar
No templates available to unwanted changes either

If you want to enable the visibility again, just toggle the same box on our Screen Options menu and you are ready to go!

Hiding WPAPP through a filter:

If you want to make sure none of your users will poke around and accidentally toggle the menu visibility back, just add the following snippet to your active theme’s functions.php file: 

add_filter('wu_apc_should_display_admin_menu', '__return_false');
Place the code snippet anywhere on the functions.php file

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