Displaying Dynamic Content

With WP Admin Pages PRO you can use interpolate content to make your pages even more dynamic!

Go to one of your Admin Pages on the Admin Pages PRO main menu. Click edit template.

Edit your templates to add customized and dynamic content to them

In any text box you want, just add the placeholders supported by WP Admin Pages PRO. They will access your user’s metadata and use it inside your templates!

Use shortcodes in the text boxes to add your dynamic content

In this example, we used {{user:first_name}} in order to display the user’s name right on our Welcome Admin Page.

Admin Page using the metadata provided by the user

You can use any kind of metadata stored by WordPress or other plugins, such as site name, user’s nickname, bio etc.

Use different shortcodes to create even more personalized content

This way, you can make your pages more and more personalized, giving your customers that feeling of being unique.

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