Displaying Dynamic Content

With WP Admin Pages PRO you can use interpolate content to make your pages even more dynamic! Go to one of your Admin Pages on the Admin Pages PRO main menu. Click edit template. Edit your templates to add customized and dynamic content to them In any text box you […]

Creating a new Admin Page with the HTML Editor

Go to Add New to create a new Admin Page. Click the button to start creating your new Admin Page You will be redirected to WP Admin Pages PRO editors screen, where the Normal WordPress Editor is already selected by default. Hit the HTML Editor button to switch among editors. […]

How do I activate my Plugin?

Go to the Plugins menu on your dashboard. Click the Add New button, and then Upload Plugin. Click “Add New” to start installing WP Admin Pages PRO Click “Upload Plugin” to upload your .zip file Upload the WP Admin Pages PRO .zip file. Click Install Now and then Activate Plugin. […]